adjustable baby cot Adjustable baby cot

I just keep him sitting up after bottles and he's on medicine for the reflux.

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  • I put him to bed normally. She doesn't slide down very much but i've read online that you can roll a towel up into a u shape and place it under the crib sheet to keep them from sliding.

    You could try that.

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    S Spunkernickle1 My LO sleeps on an incline in his fisher price snuggabunny swing He is on Zantac and I always burp him and keep him upright for at least 20 minutes and he will still spew up sleeping flat: He likes it and is comfy.

    He will sleep hours straight in it at night. He sleeps in the day sleeper which has helped tremendously!! It's a mattress wedge for a little elevation.

    adjustable baby cot Adjustable baby cot

    Our 3 month old sleeps great with this. We also just started giving 5ml of Mommy's Bliss after his night feeding a couple nights ago. He makes some funny faces, but it has really helped him go to sleep, stay asleep for upwards of 5 hours, and be comfortable. Our pediatrician recommended this for his acid reflux.

    Are they easy to assemble? Typically the under cot storage is the most popular and ideal for keeping cot bedding and other non-bio washed baby garments.

    It's all natural, and has organic ginger and fennel. It's not advertised specifically to help acid reflux, but it helps with gas which can, in turn, help with the reflux. The pediatrician recommend that we not put her in the crib until the reflux improves.

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  • She's had several choking episodes. During the day, she sleeps in her Snugabunny swing downstairs.

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  • I have a feeling transitioning to her crib is going to be tough.



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