fancy baby cots Fancy baby cots
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  • Travel has been my passion for as long as I remember, and I was determined to continue that when I became a mother, despite the challenges I knew would arise. Long lazy days on the sun-lounger, late-night cocktails and adventurous, exotic escapades are unlikely to be on the agenda now! Applications vary in the time they take to process, but ideally you should get the application sorted and sent off a couple of months before you travel, just to be on the safe side.

    fancy baby cots Fancy baby cots

    TripAdvisor is a great research tool for this. If you feel you can stretch to a four-hour flight, Greece is a very hospitable getaway too. Villas or apartments provide handy extra space, with kitchen amenities for heating milk and preparing food and areas in which your child can sleep separately.

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    Go slightly out of season Avoiding peak times will not only save you cash but will also help you escape the high temperatures and crowds. Pick a suitable time for your flight Avoiding very early morning departures is a good idea, as these are often when business travellers will be on board.

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  • Arrange for a check-in bag Hats off to anyone who can just take a carry-on bag! It can also work as part of your night-time routine with bedtime songs and TV programmes such as In The Night Garden fellow parents will know what I mean!

    Then pack those extra baby grows.

    What are the product dimensions and weight? The advantages of round cribs v rectangle cribs are as follows:

    Do you also really want to go shopping for nappies, wet wipes and milk formula? A basic first aid kit can be useful too, as well as some travel wash if you do run out of clean clothes.

    They asked me if I needed a food parcel as well — which I did. You pay top dollar for a reason here.

    They like to be kept occupied and their attention spans are still very short, so I always have a hand luggage sized suitcase dedicated to toys! Other essentials for your carry-on bag are a change of clothes, nappies, favourite toys, comforter, blanket and snacks.

    If you have a young baby, a sling is also great for helping you keep hands-free!

    fancy baby cots Fancy baby cots

    You can pick up gifts cheaply at somewhere like Poundland which should hopefully keep them occupied for a little while. Just think of it as a good calorie burner ahead of the gorging on holiday!

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  • A nightlight in the same position, a favourite comforter, book, cosy blanket and sleeping bag will hopefully help the adjustment.

    Again, it just adds that little bit more familiarity to the experience. A flotation device is also a good idea. Make the most of the precious hour or two when you might have some time to yourself — and your partner — by having a lie down, watching a film or reading a book.



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