gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding
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  • I was worried about her being able to get out on her own, moving away from the beloved Gro Bag, and her falling out or getting cold in her sleep.

    A unique zip-in system keeps the duvet secure on the bed with the toddler safe underneath it.

    gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

    It makes it impossible to kick the duvet off and makes it almost as hard to fall out. The pillow is fixed in place and the whole thing secured to the bed with a clever elastic holder. A warm and secure toddler is much more likely to sleep right through.

    gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

    The set comes with everything you need minus the duvet and pillow. For now, we are using the standard duvet we already have. The bottom sheet is fitted so has elasticated corners, and has a large elastic strap which hooks over the mattress to keep it in place. The sheet has a zip incorporated on either side, to which the duvet then attaches, meaning the duvet then also stays put! We still tend to cuddle to sleep rod for our own back I know!

    There is no risk of her getting stuck under her pillow as this is securely placed in the sheet. No losing the duvet during the night! More difficult for child to continually get out of bed or accidently fall out in their sleep. A great transition from a gro bag, as the child still feels contained and secure.

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    Fun and vibrant designs. Makes the transition an exciting experience for toddler! Not a con as such, but something to be aware of. In summer they are less able to kick off the duvet if they get too hot, so as such, as parents we need to be conscious of this and dress them accordingly. Cost — they will initially appear quite expensive, however I would say they are worth every penny, and reduce the need to purchase additional bed guards or bumpers.

    The pattern on the scarf is a lovely checked grey, it is a nice muted colour and offers a stylish solution to breastfeeding in public for mums that feel a little self-conscious and want an easy way to cover up without drawing lots of attention to themselves, while still being able to see and interact with their baby. It was done in conjunction with Kantar. So basically it is a full bedding set; pillowcase, sheet and duvet cover.

    For the peace of mind and ease of bedtime routine I would be more than happy to pay that price. It may be useful to buy a 2nd set as a spare, in which case the cost can increase.

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  • You can see the full range of Gro to Bed sets in the Gro Store here. All opinions and images are my own. A further set was purchased directly as we were so pleased with the product.



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