baby bed for bed Baby bed for bed

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baby bed for bed Baby bed for bed

The incidence of bed-sharing is on the rise in the U. The fact that bed-sharing is considered a no-no the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against it , but the majority of families do it is a problem.

Because we end up not talking enough about how to co-sleep safely and happily. Whether or not you decide to sleep with your child , it helps to know how to do it successfully if and when it does happen. The in-between setup can be dangerous — all parties need to know if your swaddled little friend will be at your side in the wee hours.

Check it out on Amazon 6. Research shows that infants who sleep in a crib are twice as likely to suffer a sleep related fatality including SIDS than infants who sleep in bed with their parents.

Put baby on her back To lower the risk of SIDS, the same back-to-sleep principle applies when co-sleeping. Make a safe sleep surface Your mattress should be firm, not soft or quilted, with tightly fitted sheets over it.

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  • Sleep on the edge of your pillow and scoot it away from your baby. You can also put your baby higher up on the bed make sure there is no gap or place for her to become wedged and move your pillows down a bit so you sleep slightly lower than your baby. Check the perimeter In many cases of infant deaths in an adult bed, the baby has become wedged in between the mattress and another surface, like a piece of furniture, the wall, or a headboard.

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    Pull your bed away from side tables, and make sure there are no gaps around the sleep surface that she could fall into. A lot of families find that the best position for baby is on the side of mom, not in the center, since mom is often more responsive in the middle of the night.

    If you routinely co-sleep, consider the exemplary setup: Pull the mattress off the bed frame and away from the walls into the center of the room.

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  • If you smoked when you were pregnant, or you do now, you should use a co-sleeper or bassinet instead of sharing the sleep surface with your baby. Drinking or drugs will make you less responsive at night. Lower the temperature Keeping the room cool around degrees is recommended for lowering the risk of SIDS. In fact, cooler environments make for better adult sleep as well, so a lower temperature is better for everyone. Managing night feedings Babies sleeping next to mom spend less time in deep stages of sleep stages three and four , and they also wake up more often.

    The close proximity of mom can make weaning more challenging, but it is possible. For example, feed your baby at her regular times but gradually shorten the feedings by a minute at a time, or have your partner walk her around the room instead of feeding to soothe her.

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  • Keep the pillow in bed or near the edge of the bed so you can grab it easily. Invest in a big bed If you can afford it, and especially if co-sleeping is routine in your house, you may want to consider buying a king-sized bed.

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