cot bed rail cover Cot bed rail cover

I love the simplicity of the design, so I chose to make a white rail that would blend in a bit more.

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  • But I see a lot of decorative fabric crib rails out there, so do whatever works best for your crib and nursery design! It also looks like a lot people have crib rails on just the front or back rail, or only on select sides if their baby can only reach certain areas or just prefers to gnaw on one particular spot.

    But since Lola was chewing on the side rails, I decided to go all the way around the top to cover everything. Start by pre-washing your fabrics so it will shrink up all that it wants to before you make your project.

    Cut out two flannel strips that are the correct length and width for your crib rail. Then cut a piece of cotton batting the same size and place the batting on top of your two layers of flannel. The cotton batting can be in sections as well and you can just place them next to each other on top of the flannel if you want since they are going on the inside.

    Turn your fabric strip right side out and press flat with an iron. I divided my long strip into eight even sections and ran a line down at each section mark.

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  • You can do as many or as few of these lines as you want they can also be decorative the more you do! After quilting a few sections, I draped my long strip over the crib rail with the overlapping ends positioned in the middle of the back rail where I wanted them to end up and lightly pinned the cover in place so I could start to make some fit adjustments.

    cot bed rail cover Cot bed rail cover

    I gathered the extra corner fabric and pinned it until it fit more snugly in each corner I pulled it away from the crib a bit in the pic above so you could see better.

    Once you have the excess of all four corners pinned, sew down that line and either trim the excess off I would suggest a re-fitting with the right side up before trimming though or leave it and it will just make that corner a bit more padded. Ok, next decide how many straps you want to use to keep your cover in place this will probably depend on how many vertical slats you have and their placement, etc. To keep the side sections from moving, I just placed a strap location right next to each corner to help keep that section down.

    Put the cover back on the crib and decide how tight you want your ribbon straps to be and where you want your snap location on the outside of your cover lower on the fabric will help keep the cover in place better.

    cot bed rail cover Cot bed rail cover

    To make it easier, you can use one strap location to figure it out and then use those measurements as a guide for all the other straps once you take it off again.

    Just fold your ribbon and pin it to mark how high you want the ribbon top to be and use the awl sharp-pointy-metal-stick-thing that comes with your snap setter to poke through the ribbon and front side of the cover to mark where both sides of your snap should go.

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  • I set the corresponding side of the snap on the front of the cover 2cm from the bottom edge. Once I had those measurements, I just did the same for each strap section so they were all uniform. Put your cover back on for the last time finally! It looks great and I love that I can throw it in the wash as needed as well!

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    Now, when it comes to the strap sections of this project, I know that different Moms have different feelings on what they consider safest for Baby. So you can also just use a ribbon strip on each side and tie them together through the slat, or you could try velcro on the inside of the cover at the openings may not be quite as strong depending on how big the sections of velcro are though , or you could secure a button where the snap is on the strap and put a corresponding button hole on the outside of the cover where I placed the other end of the snap and do it that way instead.

    Whichever way you decide to do it, just make sure all your pieces are secure and properly attached!

    I have to say this is so simple but very very effective. Now that we have our measurements out of the way, time to get started. Top of cot end or top of cot leg If your teething baby manages to reach and chew on the top of a cot leg which is higher than top of cot rail, then your baby has outgrown the cot.

    So now that we have the cover on her crib, I definitely sleep better at night knowing she can now chew away at the top of it if she wants to. Hope this DIY helps make teething a little easier in your house!



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