where can i buy a cot Where can i buy a cot

The Launch of NaturalStart When preparing for your new arrival, the most important purchase you can make is a car seat. However, if you child is not in the car or playing with their toys, it is likely that they will be asleep or at least in their cot! For this reason, we believe that a cot mattress is one of the most important pieces of nursery furniture that you can buy.

where can i buy a cot Where can i buy a cot

Some cots or cot beds come with a free mattress, but you should not feel obliged to use it. New-born babies require around 17 hours sleep each day, and it is during these early months and years when your baby will develop the most rapidly. However, with so many different options on the market, it can be quite overwhelming for parents-to-be to know what to look for in a cot mattress.

This is why we have developed our guide to buying a cot mattress.

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  • Types of Cot Mattress Firstly, you need to think about which type of cot mattress you would like for your baby. There are four main types of construction, but it is possible for some mattresses to combine construction techniques i. Foam Foam mattresses are typically at the cheaper end of the market, and are most appropriate for smaller babies. Mattresses made solely of foam can lose their support quite quickly, but when foam is combined with spring technology, your baby will remain well-supported in their early years.

    Open Coil Sprung Each spring is lined together within a wire frame.

    where can i buy a cot Where can i buy a cot

    Pocket Sprung A pocket sprung mattresses is where each spring is contained within its own pocket. Research has continually found that higher spring counts, typically found within pocket sprung cot mattresses, offer increased comfort and postural support. The spring technology ensures that the mattress can keep its shape and supportive nature over a long period of time, providing the ultimate support for your little one from new-born until at least 5 years old.

    Organic Some companies make mattresses from completely natural, organic substances such as cotton, wool, coir and natural latex. Natural materials have excellent temperature regulating properties, which helps to prevent your little one from overheating in the night. Natural materials such as wool are also naturally anti-bacterial and fire retardant so there is no need to use chemicals.

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    Cot Mattress Sizing Whether you have chosen your cot or cot bed before you have considered what mattress to buy, or the other way around, it is vitally important to ensure that the mattress is the correct size. Experts advise that there should be no more than a 3cm gap between the mattress and cot, to avoid little arms and legs getting stuck in the gaps.

    On the other hand, do not buy a mattress that is too big for your cot; the mattress must lay flat to avoid buckling occurring. A cot mattress must provide the best possible support to your little one during their crucial years of development, and a second hand mattress is unlikely to offer optimum postural support. If not, you will need to buy a mattress protector to help keep the mattress clean, free from bacteria and allergens caused by dust mites.

    A mattress protector may be easier to remove and clean than removing the entire mattress cover.

    And some cots have wheels if you do use a cot from birth and need to move it to the nursery later. Others are controlled with foot pedals or catches.

    This is always handy when potty training and some mattresses have a wipe clean layer. A waterproof mattress protector is a good alternative.

    In line with guidance from the NCT, NHS and Lullaby Trust, your baby should sleep on a firmer surface from months as new-borns babies require high levels of support.

    Some mattresses are dual sided to offer the correct postural support at each stage of infant development. The Harrison Spinks Baby NaturalStart collection combines the finest natural materials with world-leading baby sized pocket spring technology, and we also manufacture pocket spring cot mattresses for some of the leading nursery retailers in the UK including Silver Cross, Boori and The White Company.

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  • Browse the mattress collection here.



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